She has a unique approach to sobriety that teaches people to reframe their relationships with alcohol. That’s actually a perfect segue into what sets Jamison’s book apart from most recovery memoirs and books about addiction. While this book about addiction is not a memoir, it is a laid out description of the research and practical knowledge of Craig M. Nakken, MSW, CCDP, LCSW, LMFT.

  • Carr ventures into the deceit of addiction from a sober standpoint, trying to better understand his recovered self through interviews with those who crossed paths with him as an addict.
  • I can confidently say that this book is the reason I have kept sober, it’s a real eye opener.
  • Right now is no greater opportunity than yesterday or tomorrow.
  • Maybe I was just ripe to try and rescue a junkie.

This lyrical, dark, biting novel is about one of those friendships, between Tyler and Laura, roommates and codependent hot messes. They wonder throughout whether they’re overdoing it … and order another round anyway. When the cycle of druggy nights and hardcore hangovers starts getting to Laura, their bond must be reevaluated. In my own healing, I have even questioned the use of the word “recovery” in this context at all, since it implies a retrieval of something lost.

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For Those in, looking to be in, or anyone affected by addiction recovery. Learning to understand ourselves, the dark and the light, the kind and the cruel, that exists within each one of us, has been a driving factor in psychological studies. This book will show you various aspects of dark psychology and teach you how to comprehend your own dark side. Learn how, and why, your conscience affects your moral decisions. Find out the truth when it comes to the facts and myths of self-sabotage. An anabranch is a portion of a river or stream that diverts—that is, branches off from—the main channel but then rejoins it again downstream.

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I hope at least one of these books can do the same for you. I could not put this book down (literally), talk about gut-wrenching honesty and not holding anything back. When I worked in beauty, Cat was a beauty editor at Lucky and, so I knew of her.

I Love You, More: Short Stories of Addiction, Recovery, and Loss From the Family’s Perspective by Blake Cohen

Carr ventures into the deceit of addiction from a sober standpoint, trying to better understand his recovered self through interviews with those who crossed paths with him as an addict. Me going home, to my mother’s house, where I was staying because I had totally fucked up my life (losing my children, my husband and my marriage because I had loved crack and smack more than anything else in the world). Me staying up till 4 a.m., typing the story on a rickety typewriter – there was no computer at my mother’s home – in-between brushing away the tears that kept falling into my lap. Me faxing it the next day to the mag (I was not online then), getting photographed and published a few weeks later. Me looking at the picture of myself in the magazine, shocked at the lines around my mouth, my eyes – such sadness in those eyes. Working in magazines was perfect for someone like me, someone who loved being anywhere but where they were supposed to be … Sometimes it didn’t even feel like I was doing a job.

  • To me, recovery is a long and always-occurring process.
  • If you or your loved one is ready to begin a new chapter, send us a secure and private message.
  • If you’ve ever wondered why you hold on to toxic relationships that aren’t good for you or why you make excuses for other’s bad behavior, then this guide will help you understand, recognize, and avoid the behavior altogether.
  • She outlines the physical and psychological changes that recovering addicts go through and offers practical tools to help family members and friends.
  • “This is a story about those of us who have taken ourselves and the struggle off of the streets.
  • Me faxing it the next day to the mag (I was not online then), getting photographed and published a few weeks later.

I’d been on the Relationship Beat for a few weeks at the time. It wasn’t like I was an expert, but I had a certain edge, I guess, a charm even, in the way that I approached these stories. Spill your guts, reveal a bit about yourself, lure the reader in with some juicy personal info – the reader loves to be party to a writer’s life, a writer’s fallibility – then get an expert to comment. Author Noah Levine gives a brutal and honest view into the lives of addicted youths in this “in and out again” book about powerlessness and chaos, rebirth, and spreading compassion and inspiration.

The Best Books on Sobriety (That Helped Me Get and Stay Sober)

The writer of the comedy television show Alf, Stahl tells his story of heroin addiction and his journey to recovery. Permanent Midnight is both intense and humorous. Stahl describes his out-of-control behavior to get drugs, such as driving at midnight from his luxury home in Los Angeles to the worst neighborhoods in the city with his daughter in her car seat. He shares the hurdles he overcame to find a lasting sobriety. Like many of the other books on this list, Annie invites us to follow her journey from alcohol addiction to sobriety.

Is it starting to seem like you may never be able to beat your addiction? If you or someone you love struggles with substance abuse, you’re not alone. Beloved by Toni MorrisonSethe is haunted, literally and figuratively, by the daughter best alcohol recovery books she killed while escaping slavery in this devastating Pulitzer Prize-winning classic. This is a book about the abject horror and howling trauma of slavery, but it’s also about how we metabolise the nightmares of our lives before.

The Mindful Binge: Single Drunk Female Is The Sober Self-Love Story You’ve Been Waiting For

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